Shoot me down,
but I won't fall. I am

The good Lord saw fit to bring me into this world to kick the asses of those who need it most. So get ready 'cause this day or the next, it's coming.

Colonel Carol Danvers
Captain Marvel. Pilot. Avenger.

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"You know what? I’m not actually sure if they do have those way out here…" He scratched his chin and shrugged. "But hey, it’s not like I have time to read anything besides garbled sitreps from Rocket." Maybe he could make an exception for Carol, since she seemed to know her stuff. Probably would impress her, even.

"Come on, Captain. We’re Guardians, not Savages of the Galaxy. This ship is absolutely 100% alien goo-free."

"Yeah, you definitely need to get some better literature in your life then. I’ll send ya some stuff to borrow, you can find the time when books are that good, trust me. Plus, this way, you’ll have a way of telling Rocket you’re busy.

But that could easily be debated, Quill.  I’m pretty sure I just walked by Drax eating what I hope was a turkey leg like he was at some Renaissance Fair. Plus, I’ve seen some questionable looking stains all throughout this ship.”




"Then— By all means, please continue." 

        “Ugh— there’s that face. You’re the worst.
            Look, I’m just nervous about this whole
           space thing.  I’m excited as hell and I
           definitely need it, but what if you guys
           need me too?”



        “You know it’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did the same…”


         ”Oh, I remember. She took a few personality traits as well. Unfortunately, not enough for me to like her.”

        “Wanda, you were literally the one person to stick by me through my worst— what kind of friend would I be if I wasn’t there for you?”

      “I’m glad it wasn’t all the good stuff, though. One me is bad enough. Me with a southern accent?  The thought makes me cringe.”



Yvonne Strahovski chats with press at 2011 Comic Con :-) [x]




     ”Ahh, those stories… I apologized already and

               —You don’t wanna hear my version, do you?”

       ”Is it convincingly good?”




"177a Bleecker Street, Glenwood. I thought I would pay a visit? If I’m not interrupting anything."

      “Of course not. It’s a freakishly quiet day, actually. I could use some company.”




      You’re all words, Danvers.
         I’m safe.

         I ain’t afraid to whack around an old man, you know.

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        “Sure there is. Either I look like a dweeb checking for women under my bed, or I’m a blushing virgin for being skittish around those on top. See my struggle? Some people aren’t as bold as the great Carol Danvers.”

"Well, that parts true— I am pretty amazing. But no one’s going to think you’re a blushing virgin, Parker. We all know better by now. Besides, I worked at the Bugle too, remember? I hearth"




      What? I’m not allowed to tell you you’re pleasant to look at?

         Historically it’s only when you want something.